I made my first C++ game.

2008-10-19 17:56:50 by RyanPridgeon

Go check it out

http://elysianshadows.com/phpBB3/viewt opic.php?f=13&t=2407&start=999999

I also started learning to use PHP and MySQL... I'm getting through it pretty fast.

I made a simple guest book type thing where you can view and add comments.

It's pretty damn cool.

Tomorrow i'll be doing Java.


2008-10-04 08:20:32 by RyanPridgeon



2008-09-05 02:37:59 by RyanPridgeon

So basically right

I am going to school today.

And.... I'm gonna do shit loads of hard maths, then shit loads of business studies, then shitloads of art, then come home and do them all really fast as homework.

Repeat for 2 years.


MMmm, hard programming...

2008-07-04 16:50:35 by RyanPridgeon


I am starting to get to grips with C++, using SDL and GLUT, it's going pretty well even though its fucking hard going and unforgiving D:

So far i've made a couple ASCII games with just console apps... soon I hope i'll be able to pump out some good shit.

I don't think I'll ever call Actionscript hard again :|

On that note, is anyone good at pixel graphics? I could use an artist .... but I mean GOOD. Not just open paint and have a dabble once a year xD

Anyway see my recent post for the NG backpacking trip it's gonna be SHWEET BEEF!


Basic plan for the backpacking trip of summer '10

-No fighting with each other like a little bitch
-No whining like a little bitch
-No getting into jail like a little bitch
-NO CARS! Apart from the buses we use.

-17 or older by that time
-About 2000 euros
-Weigh less than 20 stone
-Have your own 2 man tent
-Have your own backpack
-Have your own mosquito net
-Have your own swiss army knife
-Have your own zippo or set of lighters
-Get a plane and meet in Belgium
-Ability to walk for fucking ages when you're thirsty and hungry
-Ability to survive prolonged social contact
-Ability to fight for what is right cos you might get stomped

This is gonna be fun : D

: btw Bruce is gay LOL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=izrTR91 JfQE

A new submission!

2007-11-10 14:43:13 by RyanPridgeon

Today I began my journey into the trance/dnb world -

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /105404

Please review, listen and vote for my latest song.
I've started making these wicked tunes because I bought a little midi keyboard and Reason so I get to writhe in music and fulfill my creative needs WHENEVER I WANT TO.



The New Beginning!

2007-07-17 16:17:13 by RyanPridgeon

Welcome to my brand SPANKING NEW Newgrounds page :D

I can tell you I is well proud.

Erm... please check out all my games and maybe my audio if you're into that... I should be working on some more games sometime in the near future but right now I'm stuck in what seems to be a viscious circle at school